Top 5 Free Website Analytic Tools

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Free Website Analytic Tools

In this article we will make a short review of the TOP 5 and the best from our point of view free website analytic tools.

If you are an online business owner, you will always care for your business success. You have many different ideas implemented on your website, marketing strategy, variety of different tools for your customers, but where is your business going? What is really happening on your website? What tools are working and what are not? You need a good analytic system to understand what direction you should move in.

What is a website analytic system?

First of all this is a tracking system. It allows you track many different numbers – traffic on your website, sales, expenses and much more. You can design different kind of reports on your customers’ visits with very detailed information about their activity on your website, geographic position and so on. Website analytic tools now are essential for your business success estimation. You will be able to make right and well-timed changes based on this information.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular among free website analytic tools available on the market. Most online businesses prefer to start with this tool.

Free Website Analytic Tools

Google Analytics shows you the full customer picture across your website. It provides you with a great amount of features, such as data collection, management and consolidation, analytic and reporting. All of them are very customizable. It has up to 80 different kinds of reports. As a result you will have daily, monthly or yearly web visits tracking. You will see which pages your customers go to, how long they stay there, how they got there, what their operating system and much more. Implementation of Google Analytics is easy. You will need to paste tracking code into your website. Google Analytics has its own help center, developer and user forum. You can get all support you need and share your opinion. Interface is quite user-friendly and intuitive by opinion of most users.

Statistics: According to W3Techs, Google Analytics is used by 82.8% of all the websites (whose traffic analysis tool they know). This is 53.2% of all websites.


Free Website Analytic Tools

Yandex.Metrica is one of free website analytic tools what helps you increase the conversion rate of your site.

Yandex.Metrica allows you to monitor the key effectiveness indicators of your website. Yandex.Metrica provides with following main features:

  • WebVisor records and analyses user’s actions
  • Click map has all information about user’s interaction with your site
  • Link map gets a visual representation of how links on your site are popular
  • Click path analysis shows how users use the navigation on your site

Installation and work principle of Yandex.Metrica are the same as for others free website analytic tools. A code embedded on the pages of your website registers and gathers detailed information about each user session. Yandex.Metrica has different kinds of reports but also it has the option of “Goal-based reports”. This option allows you to set goals. When the goals are set for counter, many of reports will let you switch from viewing data for all session to data only for your target visitors by goals. All reports are updated every 30 seconds.

The interesting option what Yandex.Metrica offers is “Recommendations for site owners”. You can find there some very useful advices how to make your site more effective.

Statistics: According to W3Techs, Yandex.Metrica is used by 7.3% of all the websites (whose traffic analysis tool they know). This is 4.7% of all websites.


StatCounter is another great too in free website analytic tools which allows website owners to monitor visitors’ behavior on their website.

For installation this web tracker requires you to integrate a special code right into your website to gather info about your site visitors. After this code is integrated, you get real time data. Summary page will show you all statistics on any time base. You can get even hourly-based statistic.

Free Website Analytic Tools

StatCounter offers 2 levels of analysis. First level is simple summary statistics for all your page loads, unique, returning and first-time visitors. The second level is highly detailed analysis of a smaller number of your latest page loads.  Log-size determines how many of your last page loads are included in this detailed analysis. StatCounter free service is aimed at websites with 250,000 page loads per month or less and offers lifetime summary stats as well as a detailed analysis of your last 500 page loads. Otherwise you need to upgrade your version for the price starting from $5/month, depending on monthly page load limit. Users who use StatCounter in their review very often give notice about its interface, saying that it is a bit outdated and not that user-friendly. Too much information in one page makes it hard to read.

Statistics: According to W3Techs, StatCounter is used by 2.6% of all the websites(whose traffic analysis tool they know). This is 1.7% of all websites.


Piwik is one more free website analytic tool for generating website statistic. This is real time application, highly customizable with detailed reports on visitors and their activity.

Free Website Analytic Tools

Piwik is developed like PHP and My SQL software that you download and then install in your webserver. You will get installation code what you have to paste on the website what will be tracked. Installation is easy, the whole process will take about 5 minutes. Most users in their reviews mark Pikwik as a highly reliable tool. It has no problem to track millions of pages and manage thousands of websites. All data store on your server so you have all control on it. It has user-friendly interface and yet interface can be customizable. Piwik’s users in their review say that this tool can be very comparable with Google Analytics with about similar capabilities.

Statistics: According to W3Techs, StatCounter is used by 2.1% of all the websites (whose traffic analysis tool they know). This is 1.3% of all websites. ta-piwik/all/all


Quantcast was launched in 2006. The original idea behind the company was to make online advertising more like a search.

Free Website Analytic Tools

For now Quantcast has 2 different divisions: Quantcast Measure and Quantcast Advertise. Each of them offers their own different tools and products. Here we’ll talk about Quantcast Measure. It is a free website analytic tool and it offers audience measurement solution. Besides classic measurements such as traffic, frequency, demographics and geography this service offers some new interesting reports. These reports are about shopping interests, media interests, business and occupation of your customers. It gives you more information of your customer’s preferences. Also they have a different product – “Quantcast measure for Apps”. This service provides you with free tracking of mobile application usage of iOS and Android devices. Reports of this service include: app traffic, site visit frequency, app version, top countries where app is being used and much more. The installation of Quantcast is also easy. Each website that installs the Quantcast tracking code is identified as “quantified”.  The tracking code provides visitor intelligence that Quantcast spins into reports. For sites that do not have the tracking code, Quantcast will use third-party data to generate estimates.

Statistics: According to W3Techs, Quantcast is used by 1,4% of all the websites (whose traffic analysis tool they know). This is 0,9% of all websites.


Today we looked through 5 free website analytic tools. Now let us compare them by different factors:

  1. User-friendly interface
  2. Features variety
  3. Easy to understand and use
  4. Helpful
  5. Support

We range each factor from 1 to 5, where 1 is “very poor” and 5 is “Excellent”. The result of comparison is shown below.

All discussed above free website analytic tools are freely available on the internet. We have discussed only 5 which are useful from our point of view. These tools can help you to make your online business more effective and valuable. You are welcome to submit your own comments and views.

Free Website Analytic Tools