User Experience Testing Do’s And Don’ts

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user experience testing do's and don'ts

User Experience Testing-Do’s And Don’ts

It is important to realize that user experience testing happens to be the most crucial part of any user experience or UX design. You may conduct great research, make an effective strategy, write and design in the best possible way but you will need the proof through proper testing. Testing is essential because people naturally tend to communicate with your undertaking in various unpredictable ways.

The Do’s:

As user experience testing is not about looking for opinion, there are certain parameters that you should know regarding such testing.

Defining Target Market Through Research

The most effective results can be obtained only when you have access to potentially excellent test subjects; however you need to have knowledge about these subjects in order to reach out to them. Nothing can be better than being able to observe your users/customers communicate with what you offer, as you can learn a lot through this process and can relate to it in the long run. Effective research is the only way to get hold of the appropriate group for testing.

Offering Space To Test Subject For Work

One of the most efficient ways to make a user test successful is by not influencing the subject by offering excessive direction. Subjects are simply meant to make use of what is provided to them so that they can accomplish the goal that was set by you prior to the starting of the test.
For instance, suppose you want to test a particular purchase process and are offering premium themes to your subjects while asking them to purchase the one they like. All you need to do is provide them with a web address and ask them to buy the one they like the most. If your subjects get confused during this process, you can ask them the reason for their confusion so that you can work out what is wrong with your undertaking.

Recording The Test Subject

The smart phone that you own happens to be the most efficient user experience tool. In an ideal situation you can opt for secretly filming the subject so that you can get hold of an honest communication without them knowing about it. The purpose of such recording is to have their sessions stored for review in future as it is not possible to understand everything at one go.

You can also use this recording to test your newly designed page when you need referencing to previous interactions for better understanding of how to proceed. Since testing can be pricey at times, re-watching videos can prove helpful at times like these.

The Don’ts:
Testing Professional Colleague

This is a disputable area. You may have friends and colleagues who have been working in the same field for more number of years but you hesitate to show your colleagues what you have worked upon until completion of your project. The reason for this is primarily because you are looking to observe and not get an opinion.

The chances of your colleague giving a biased opinion on the basis of past experiences are high. Testing can only prove worthwhile if you have a subject who genuinely interacts with what you have worked upon without having any knowledge about your work experience or your profile.

Similarly, asking your loved one to sit for testing is equally discouraged as they too may offer biased opinion on the basis of their knowledge about you and your work.

Seeking Answers From Twitter

Don’t be surprised! It is extremely common to ask social media platforms like Twitter to analyze your work in order to find out about its usability. But this could be a huge mistake on your part. At best, you might find someone who provides you with an article’s quote they have come across with regard to form and button alignment, hoping that they’ve offered you useful suggestion.


In case you can afford, it is best you hire experienced professionals to help you with user experience testing so that you can get the most effective results. You will get the advantage of expert assistance in researching, observing, wireframing, iterating and most importantly, validating your web design. Though you can do all this on your own but investing in the right professionals will help you get best returns without breaking a sweat. You will eventually be left with a better product that will provide you with desires results.