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What Makes us different?

  • Choose the best way to run your user testing

    Invite any tester to meet personally in your office, jump on the phone, record a video for you, fill out a survey or help to make a decision (e.g., for logo, name, design).

  • Target YOUR customer

    Search people who are ready to participate in user testing by their demographic profile, location, job, life situation, devices owned and interests.

  • Follow up with Testers

    Didn’t get all the answers? You can send a message to the tester directly to clarify remaining questions. And remember – if they liked your product, they’ll buy it!

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

    Don’t worry about confidentiality – every tester has signed an NDA at the signup.

  • Set of tools for remote user testing

    Our platform fully automates surveys and unmoderated usability testing: videos, charts and results export. Just give URL that you want testers to test or configure a survey.

  • Automated Payments

    As a User Testing Marketplace, we handle payments and 1099 forms for you. You have a 7-day refund policy.

  • Team Access and Collaboration

    Invite your team to run user testing and see results in your ATryBox company account.

  • Real-Time Updates

    Testers have 24 hours to confirm your request and 24 hours to complete your test (except personal meetings and phone calls). You’ll get an email update upon every confirmation and completion and can see results right away.

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Everything you need for User Testing: Find People, Run Tests & Analyze Results.

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