Importance of Customer Feedback in UI and Product Design

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Customer inputs sometimes become the most important critiques of your work. They are like mirrors and always give a true feedback. Carrying out usability testing with them is not enough till you seek their feedback and use the feedback to analyze your product design and also incorporate the changes that have recommended.

Customer feedback can prove to be a goldmine of information and usually every feedback has relevance for further research and improvement of your product. Their direct involvement in the design of the product is integral to designing a great product or service because you understand their perspective and what they expect from your offering.

It is true that there could be times when there is no consensus but you can still derive a wealth of information from each perspective. It is the only way through which you can build long lasting and really strong bonds with your customers. Having the right touch points that allow the customers to have a say in your UI design is very important.

Importance of customer experience over user experience

Although UX continues to be an important aspect of a product or service design, customer experience is getting greater attention lately in digital marketing. It is because a well developed UX may not be enough to get a feedback from the customer or getting him interested enough to get willingly involved.

However, if you focus all your attention on providing a comprehensive experience to the customer, it will definitely get a better response from your target market. The touch-points may need to be tweaked or revamped to improve customer experience.

Customer experience is dynamic and keeps shifting in the application, thought or the way the customers engage with your business. It is important to define the parameters of customer engagement and interaction clearly.

You will also need to create an environment where personalization could be a part of the interaction and the system must evoke delight and joy. The convenience of the customer should be of paramount importance. It should be an environment where the customer would not only want to use it for carrying out business transactions but also to chip in valuable inputs that can help you to improve the UX and UI of your online products.

Importance of customer feedback

  1. Helps you to gain an alternative perspective: Very often designers and marketers can’t foresee during testing all the problems that can and might crop up when the product is finally launched in the market. However, allowing representatives of the market to which you cater, review your product gives a direct insight into their expectations and the problems your product can face in practical situations. It also helps you to sync your thoughts and expectations with that of the market.
  2. It helps you to get out of your high horse and understand the actual problems: It is easy to come across designers and technocrats who are either overconfident or easily scared. A public feedback could not only be an acid test for their work but also their character. Also the knowledge of getting a direct customer opinion before the product is launched makes the designers more cautious and they tend to be more focused so that silly mistakes don’t occur that will give the customers a reason to feel annoyed. Persons who are too confident can also be brought to ground if they receive critical feedback.
  3. Increases retention since you are creating an experience that they want: Customer retention is an extremely important aspect of business because winning over new customers is extremely difficult and expensive. A customer can only be happy when his expectations are met and if your product reflects their expectations, they would be satisfied. Customer feedback gives you a good measure of their satisfaction levels as well.
  4. It is a tool for further learning and improvement: Feedback should be taken as constructive criticism of your efforts. Feedback gives you critical information and data that can be used in your future designs and can be used for training purposes too so that not only your products but also your workers and touchpoints are customer-centric.

Before and during usability testing of a product and also in the interim periods of product launches, you will have to gather customer-related data and also their direct, honest opinions and expectations. Use surveys, feedback forms and your analytics to get a clear insight into the “customer trends” or inclinations. This will help you to be on a path of constant self-evaluation and improvement.