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ATryBox connects you with the emerging tech startups that are looking for people to review their products and share opinion.

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No technical experience is required. Just your time and thoughts.
*Currently Only US-based testers are accepted.


$X | Personal Meeting

Come over to the company’s office and review their product personally. You can pick your price for this one.

$35 | Phone Call

Get on the phone, review the product, answer questions, share your feedback and ideas for how to make the product useful for you.

$25 | Online Usability Testing

Go through the list of provided tasks online and tell what you think and where you’re confused.

$10 | Survey

Answer questions about products, your experience, problems and thoughts.

$5 | Help to Choose

Pick your preference for color, design, logo, name, message, etc.

What do you get with ATryBox?

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  • Fixed Payments

    For all tests except Personal Meeting, we have fixed prices and no one can offer a lower price. We make sure that your time and feedback are well-compensated. Personal Meeting has a custom price to allow you to account for commute time.

  • Do what YOU like

    Hate surveys? Love phone calls? No problem! Choose which tests you’d like to be invited to. You also always have a choice to decline a specific test. We’ll let companies invite you only to selected tests and you can accept or decline each invitation within 48 hours.

  • Wherever you want

    Traveling? At home? At work? It doesn’t matter – most of the testing is done remotely (except personal meetings). The only requirement is that you have to be a U.S. resident.

  • Fast Testing, Fast Payments

    We want to ensure efficiency for you and for the companies that you work with – you have to complete or confirm the test invitation within 24 hours. Companies will get results fast and you’ll get paid faster too.

  • Automated Payments

    All your payments will be transferred automatically to a Venmo account (that you can easily create when you get your first payment). Why not PayPal? Because Venmo is part of PayPal and has 0% commission. You get what you earn, automatically.

  • Fast Signup

    We won’t ask you thousands of required pre-screening questions. Answer questions you want to answer and with maximum answers it will not take more than 5 minutes to fill out your full profile.

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Personal Meetings is the best way for startups and bigger companies to have someone review their product and provide feedback in real-time.

Personal Meetings give the best idea of how product is used and where the user gets stuck. It also gives an excellent opportunity for real-time and follow up questions and ideas discussion.

Since Personal Meetings require your time to commute, we left its price open for you to decide how much you want.

Once you sign up, you can set your own price.

Phone Calls

Phone calls are a great way to get live feedback and not spend time commuting to personal meetings.

You’ll be asked to review the product and play with it while on the call, tell what you think and answer a few questions.

Phone calls usually take about 30 minutes, but shouldn’t be longer than 50 minutes, and you’ll get paid $35 for each if you opt in to be invited to the phone calls.



Online Usability Testing

Online Usability Testing provides startups with insights of what can be wrong with their product on the design side.

How easy it is for you to find something, how long does it take for your to find a “buy” button or to leave a review – these are questions that are critical for every product to succeed.

All you need to do is to go through the list of “tasks” suggested by the requester, complete them and voice over what you think and what issues you see. Usually it takes somewhere between 10-20 minutes, but not more than 30 minutes to complete each test and companies will pay you $25 for each completed activity.


Survey is a quick way to collect a lot of data. There are stages in company development when they need to get answers to some very specific questions and you can help them with it.

Surveys usually take 5-15 minutes to complete.



Help to Choose

Every company has 100s choices to make. But will customers like it?

Name, design, logo, message, banners – these are not many small but important choices that every company makes every day.

It shouldn’t take for you more than 5 minutes and will be a great help for every business.

What do you get with ATryBox?

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