User Testing: To Test or not To Test

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User Testing is a pretty time-consuming process and requires some resources and dedication from your team, but when done right it’s very valueable. However, if not done right it may be a useless waste of time.

You should do it only if you’re ready to spend some time on it. For online unmoderated testing you need to spend at least a day to combine questions and review results.

You need to do user testing when/if:

  • you understand what you’re looking for: whether it’s usability testing and UX issue or concept validation, you need to have specific questions and goals
  • you doubt your ideas and looking for a room for improvement
  • you’re ready to spend time for preparation: what questions and how to ask to get the best results
  • you’re ready to dedicate time for analyzing results and, if needed, iterate

You shouldn’t do user testing if:

  • You don’t feel like you’re ready to spend time to do it right.

Leaving in fast world makes us rush, make decisions fast and fail fast. User Testing is something that can help you not to fail and fix the issue and mistakes before you make them. It also gives an exiciting perspective on what you do from others. Not only mistakes are important to know, but the opportunity you may miss is even more critical. Seeing your product and ideas by eyes of your potential customers is invaluble experience and insights and right conclusions may help your product bring more value.

There are several ways you can approach user testing: you can do it in person (moderated) and online (unmoderated), you can also jump on the call with your testers and talk through your questions. Whichever way you pick, make sure you think it through. Here’re a few articles that may help you.