Why you Need User Experience Research

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Why you Need User Experience Research

Why you Need User Experience Research

User interface and experience are the determinants of success of web designing. However, the experience takes the biggest portions, since the user is the boss in this case. For your site to be successful, the visitors should have an easy time navigating and understanding the contents.

User experience research involves analyzing the reactions of the visitors, based on the presentation and relevance of the interface. With the right set of prototype users, you can test the efficiency of your site in terms of quality and quantity as well as make progressive recommendations to counter the issues.

Why it Matters

When defining the terms and contents of your website, you usually base them in the research on what the users would require. The truth is that the results for feasibility analysis are very different from user experience research, since the latter give the real and factual details. The process is easy as it involves selecting users for the specific tests and then waiting for results. When you consider the following methods of assessing, you can get the essence of UE research:

Surveys: This online approach enables you to get the real behavior of normal users towards your website.

Phone Surveys: Provides firsthand information on how the people view your siteUsability Testing- Assess how efficient the interface is in terms of simplicity and ease of use

Onsite Tests: How the users would behave while navigating through the website,

Importance of User Experience Research

It is a common observation that users tend to define your brand based on the website interface. Without adequate and focused research, you may end up losing potentials or even reduce their conversion rates with time.

Target Specifications

With the test users comprising of diversities in age, professions, interests and perspectives, you can get the requirements for each category using user experience research. For instance, if you are selling electronics, age and level of literacy could form parts of diversities in the audience. While part of them would consider online purchases with less information on the website, others trust offline stores, therefore require conviction through elaborative contents. From this research you will have an all-inclusive design, a factor that improves the user perspective about your brand or products.

User Behavior

How do the users use the information from your website? What is the reaction on visiting your pages? You can only get these answers through carrying out surveys and tests, aimed at assessing the relevance of your website to the stated task. By recruiting people to perfume the various tasks in your website, you can get factual data on how easy they achieve the desired goals. The importance of this is creating workable functions that solve the problems which would lead visitors to your website. The insights are also beneficial when you need tricks to rule out your competitors.
On the same note, the user behavior is an indication of the adoption rates, especially when the website is new. For instance, the colors and templates of your website could be the cause of the low conversion rates. From the user tests and surveys, you can tell what percentage appreciates the design, contents and organization of the pages as well as the influence in achieving the objectives.

User Expectation

What is the aim of people who visit your website? Why would someone want to open your link? The user experience research gives the owners a picture of what the visitors expect from the site. Usability testing and online tests are among the ways you can analyze the motive of users. For the electronics example, some people would click on the site to compare prices, others to know the latest you have on stock, while others have no clue and therefore the information they get is crucial in decision making. With such understanding of what users want, it is possible to address and include everyone.
From the results, you will know what aspects to give priorities, based on the main objective of web design. The designer should encompass the expectation of diverse visitors in determining the perfect website design, especially when it comes to the features to include in the interface.
Companies require away of measuring the impact of their products on customers.without measuring the above parameters its almost impossible to find out the kind of impact you have on your clients.